Workshop on Runtime Code Generation for Secured Embedded Devices

03 December, 2015

The workshop will take place at CEA NanoInnov, Palaiseau, France. How to reach NanoInnov

The project COGITO focuses on the perspectives offered by runtime code generation to improve security at several levels in embedded software. The core idea is centered around the concept of code polymorphism, that is, the ability to modify the form and the behaviour of a program with runtime code generation, while keeping unchanged its functional properties. This property is likely to increase the difficulty to perform reverse engineering, and to increase the difficulty of physical attacks such as fault attacks and side channel attacks. The technology used for runtime code generation is lightweight, and compatible with the constraints of embedded devices such as smart cards, or sensors in a Wireless Sensor Network.

The objective of this workshop is to present the results achieved so far in the project, and to gather feedback from the workshop attendees.

We will present our core technology for runtime code generation, how we achieve runtime code polymorphism for security purposes, the results achieved so far and potential applications for secured applications.

Agenda of the workshop: